GDPR Privacy Rules

On May 25th, 2018, a landmark policy was implemented to help protect user data privacy in the EU. So what does this mean for American companies? Well, it depends on where your customers are located.

Customers are located in the EU

If your customers are located in the EU, then you have some work ahead of you! But that is okay, as there are many resources to help you be set up. The EU has a neat little website that can help you to see which rules apply to you, and there are also various guides that can help you prepare. GDPR policy states that you must be able to export the user data to your customers when requested, and you must delete the data when requested. While this may seem to be an annoyance, many companies have proven to be irresponsible with handling customer data. Data Breaches have been plaguing businesses more in recent years, and this policy can actually serve to be a blessing.

Customers are located in the US

GDPR Privacy rules don’t apply to you then! However, you may want to take a look at various GDPR policies and see if any make sense for you to implement. By complying with GDPR, you can gain customer trust with their data. Google is implementing these policies no matter where you are located, and other companies are following suit.

Whatever you may decide, read more on the GDPR on the EU’s website for it.

Also be sure to contact an IT consultant or your web administrator to for advice on how to implement your policies. ActivPC is more than happy to help consult you on these changes.


How do the GDPR privacy rules affect your business?



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