Internet Safety: How to protect yourself online

Everyone uses the internet. There is no getting around it. But many do not consider how to use the internet in the safest way. Internet safety is sadly one of the least taught skills to all using the internet. How can you use it safely?

Check the URL

When clicking a link, you trust to a certain degree that you will be going to the page that you think you will be going to. But sometimes links do not always send you to where you would expect. To make sure that you are going to where you expect, hover over the link and look in the bottom left corner of your browser window. There you will see the actual URL that you are being sent to when clicking the link.

Be careful of shortened links as well, such as These types of links can be dangerous because they do not show you the actual link that you will be going to. Always beware of shortened links.

Know what you are downloading

When you download something, the server is giving your computer a file. However, this can be dangerous if you aren’t careful. Some files may be harmful to your computer. Be particularly wary of .exe files, especially when downloading pictures, music or movies. .exe files can be run on Windows computers, and sometimes these can install viruses. So always check that the file you are downloading looks legitimate.

Check for a secure site

When browsing a site, you also should take into consideration how secure the site is. Sites that you use to shop, bank, and handle important data should begin with an https:// rather than http://. The S on the site means that the connection you are making to the site is secure and verified secure. To make sure that you are always going to the secure version of a website, some browsers will warn you when a site is not secure. There are also browser extensions that can make sure that any request you make is using https://.

Quality IT Consulting

It also helps to have an expert that you can call for advice if you are unsure what you are doing is safe. At ActivPC, we provide expert care at affordable prices, and advice that is worthwhile. Be sure to Contact Us if you have any questions.


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John · August 3, 2018 at 8:23 pm

That’s a good point that you should trust to a certain degree that you will be going to the page that you think you will be going to. If you’re not careful you might fall for a phishing site. Those can look like reputable sites but their URLs will be slightly wrong.

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