Help! I have a slow computer!

You are working on a paper for school. You are trying to pay the bills online. But it seems like it takes forever to do anything! How do you speed up this slow computer?!

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

While it may seem like the IT worker cop out solution, this is the tried and true solution to many problems you may have with your computer. A restart is like taking a nap, it allows the computer to be refreshed and clear out junk that is in the memory. Just make sure you save your work before restarting.

Check if your computer is fully updated

Many times your computer will run updates in the background, causing some slowness to be felt when doing work. One way to check is by going into your computer’s settings, and clicking Updates and Security. From there you will want to click the updates section. There you will see numerous updates that may be applying to your computer, or you will be presented with a green check mark.

Run an anti-virus scanner

Your computer may have a virus, but many times it is removable. Free solutions such as Malwarebytes as well as paid solutions including eSET, Webroot, and the paid version of Malwarebytes can be great for removing malware from your computer. Be careful of what anti-virus you have. Many times your computer comes bundled with McAfee and Norton, which are notorious for slowing down your computer. Make sure they are uninstalled from your computer, and then switch to a different anti-virus.

Check your task manager

Your task manager will tell you which programs are using the most resources on your computer. It also can tell you if there are any suspicious programs running and using those resources.

Managed Services

Your IT provider can also help you to keep your computer running as fast as ever with managed services. At ActivPC, we provide managed services to clients all over the United States! To learn more about how managed services can help you, visit the Managed Services page on our website.

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