Software Update: Why Do I Need It?

A notification pops up on your desktop. “UPDATE REQUIRED FOR $SOFTWARE” is the message that pops up. Why is a software update required, and is there any way to disable it?

Updates usually are bug fixes for software that you have installed. Why don’t the developers just ship a perfect product then? Software Development is a lot more complex than that. Many times a development team has a target deadline to meet, and does not have the time to find every bug that may appear. Developers also cannot test on every system that a user may have. Bug hunting is also not an easy process, and can take lots of time before they even find a bug, and then it takes time to find a solution for the bug. So to put it briefly, software development is hard.

Among bug fixes are also security flaws that may be found in software. A security engineer may find a vulnerability, and this goes into the list of things a developer has to do to maintain their application.

What to do?

Is there any way to disable updates? Depending on the product, you may be in luck. However, we recommend that you don’t disable updates, because this may pose as a security risk to your computer. But sometimes an update may actually be harmful and introduce new bugs. If that is the case, some software can roll back an update, or you can wait until an update for that update is released.

Next time you get a notification that a software update is required, update the software. Software updates offer more good than harm, and can protect you from security flaws.

At ActivPC, we offer Managed Services to help you keep your computer updated with the latest fixes. We manage your computer and monitor its health to make sure that it is running as fast and bug free as possible.

For more information, Norton provided a great list of reasons as well.

Software Update


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