Web Security: How can you have peace of mind?

With the whole world in the middle of the digital age, criminals and other malicious third parties want your important information. Web security has become a hot topic in the news with many high profile companies having their customer information stolen from databases. How can you protect your customers and yourself from such attacks?

How to protect yourself

HTTPS is not a new technology, but it can really help protect yourself from hackers that hijack your web traffic. Browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox show warnings when there is no HTTPS on websites. Recent changes to Google Chrome also will be showing no green padlock next to a URL to show a secure site. Rather they are marking insecure sites. On Firefox, the Green Padlock will still show next to the URL. Make sure sites such as banking sites and online shopping sites are secure.

How to protect your customers

If you have a website, you absolutely need an SSL certificate. SSL certificates are what show the site has HTTPS enabled, marking it safe for visitors. For years, sites could buy an SSL, and the process was relatively painless, if a little costly. Now through the Let’s Encrypt initiative, websites can now get an SSL certificate for free. There is now little excuse for your website not to have this vital security feature.


If you need an SSL certificate for your site or need assistance setting one up, contact us today!

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